Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ignorance Endangers America

Recently a reality t.v. show hit the networks. It's called All American Muslim and it's on TLC. It follows several families in Dearborn, Michigan where there is the largest Muslim population outside of the Middle East. The home improvement store, Lowe's, had been running advertisements during the show and recently pulled all of their commercials due to receiving complaints from an organization called the Florida Family Association. The Florida Family Association charged that the t.v. show consisted of "propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda's clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values."


...and false.

The organization went on to complain that the program misrepresented Islam -a religion that really supported mercy killing, the mutilation of women, and other such evils. Again, this is a ridiculous assertion. The Florida Family Association was referring to Sharia Law, whereby the followers inflict a shallow cut on their forehead to draw blood in a symbolic gesture that is related to their faith. The Florida Family Association's assertions are as misguided as the contention that Judeo-Christian religions engage in genital mutilation of infant boys throught the process of circumcision.

Assuming we can close our ears to the judgmental nature of the organization's comments (which is offensive enough), how can this group in Florida paint Islam as having an agenda that in any way endanger's America? This is absurd. Having an Islamic community in America is no more dangerous than having a German community in Israel.

It is a tragedy that there is so much misinformation regarding Islam since 9/11. This type of misguided angst, ignorant pontificating, prejudice, and paranoia is more likely to endanger "America's liberty and traditional values" than Muslims living in America.

C'mon, people, get a grip on the REAL facts about Islam, America, and what's been happening since 9/11. Organizations like the Florida Family Association are not only hurting American credibility, but they are endangering America by confirming the beliefs of the Radical Islamic Terrorists, who believe America is out to abolish Islam.

Let's try not to prove them right, America. And let's try avoiding a downward spiral into their distorted reality whereby statements like those by the Florida Family Association, which confirms to these terrorists that we really want to kill Muslims.

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