Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is the US Unintentionally Financing Terrorism?

The cost of the detention facilities at Guantanamo Bay that house the remaining detainees were approved by Congress under the Bush Administration in 2003-2004. The total cost of building Camps 5 and 6 were $68 million, plus $4.4 million for the technology to operate the security system. Camp 5 is modeled after a maximum security facility in Terre Haute, Indiana. Camp 6 is also state-of-the art and reminiscient of federal facilities in the US. These were 2 of the most expensive detention construction projects between 2003 and 2004 that were completed in order to replace the inadequate Camp X-Ray facilities.

Within the last few weeks the Obama Administration proposed to spend $127 million to prepare the detention facility in Illinois for the transfer of detainees from GTMO.

How sad that we are spending twice the amount of money on the facilities in Illinois, than we did to build similar facilities in GTMO back in 2003-2004. It is also mind-boggling that we are spending money on housing the same group of people twice.

It's not that "doing the right thing" as the Obama Administration might argue, costs us alot of money. Rather, it's pathetic that that spending money to support terrorists takes priority over spending that large sum of money on Americans.

If there are at least 50 who are "too dangerous to release," but they can't be tried because it would compromise the national security and intelligence faculties of the US, it's more than fair to assert that these guys are terrorists...even if you haven't read the intelligence reports on them.

Ultra-skeptics of the Obama Administration might say that spending $137 million on a new detainee facility in Illinois is akin to our Commander-in-Chief financing terrorism. He aims to provide them a comfortable environment with numerous inappropriately loose liberties. Of course these rights and privileges enable them to conduct further terrorist communication and activity inside and outside the Illinois detention.

Some would say this series of decisions essentially helps create a government-funded, functional terrorist cell within the US borders.



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