Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fun Fact

The library for the detainees at GTMO holds over 12,000 titles. This means about 50 titles per detainee. In 2004, on average, private secondary schools in America had the most books compared to public schools - about 28 books per student. The average number of books and serial volumes in America’s public libraries in 2005 was 2.8 titles per capita. It looks like the literary resources at GTMO per capita not only exceed the American public library system, but our public and private school systems too.

Detainee Library - Guantanamo Bay, Cuba


  1. Thanks for helping provide the real truth to the naive public, who should be appalled at the care (not treatment) the detained enemy combatants receive. The numbers in the detainee library are now even more ridiculous. Keep up the good work. I share your experience in Cuba and wish you the best. Great work!


  2. Thanks JAH! I appreciate your input. It is a shame that the reality of the detainees' care and custody at GTMO is misrepresented to the public. You and I would be so lucky if we were captured on the battlefield and placed in such care.